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Through the Project “Social Economy – a solution for the development of Roma communities in Romania” project's partners seek to address the delicate development status of Roma communities by

means of applying Social Economy (SE) practices as an innovative solution. The project framework seeks to make a tangible difference to Roma communities from Romania by

means of applying Social Economy practices as an innovative solution. Through the proposed activities, the project contributes directly to achieving specific objectives under axis 6 in Sectoral Operational Programme - Human Resource Development (SOP HRD) 2007-2013 programme, by developing social economy structures, promotion of social economy and enhancing capacity of social economy operators and environment. The Project is also contributing to the development of human capital in Romania by implementing concrete measures for social inclusion on modern flexible labour market. The project is also in line with the European Union (EU) Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies up to 2020 that request EU Member States to address the situation of Roma in terms of employment, poverty and education.

Thus, the project promotes SE as an instrument for an integrated development by:

(1) Analyzing the potential for applicability of SE practices within Roma communities from a social, an economic and an institutional point of view


  • Social Economy and Roma communities – Challenges and Opportunities


The situation analysis of the social, economic and legislative environment, performed within the project, aims to provide an overview of the status of social economy within Roma communities in Romania, identifying development opportunities and main challenges in implementing specific social economy initiatives. Thus, the situation analysis report includes information regarding social economy models in Romania, strategies developed by the government institutions and civil society to increase the level of social inclusion of Roma communities in Romania, as well as the obstacles and opportunities associated with developing social economy models. The main objective of this report is to perform a critical assessment of the current status of social economy within Roma communities. The report explores the legal and institutional framework, as well as Romanian social economy experiences for/within Roma communities, taking into account both positive aspects/successful initiatives and obstacles. Based on the analysis of the profile of Roma communities, current policies related to Roma and the instruments used to develop the social economy sector, the report formulates several conclusion and practical recommendations supporting the promotion and development of social entrepreneurship within Roma communities.

If you are interested in receiving a printed copy of the Report, please contact the project team:

For the online version of the Report, please visit:


  • Guidelines for good practices on setting-up social enterprises for Roma communities


The main purpose of the Guidelines is to offer structured information to all of those who want to set-up or develop a social enterprise within/for Roma communities, from the planning phase to putting the idea into practice. These Guidelines are a useful tool for the steps necessary to set-up a social enterprise. Each chapter answers questions which may arise during such an endeavor, offering also short examples of good practice. In order to easier understand the features of a social enterprise, we began with a clear presentation thereof, followed by the benefits of such an organization, and by the possible impact it may have on the community development process. Planning to set-up a social enterprise means going through certain steps which are described in the simplest manner possible and which include different analysis models which can be used.

If you are interested in receiving a printed copy of the Guidelines, please contact the project team:

For the online version of the Guidelines, please visit:

(2) Supporting the development of social economy initiatives


  • Business Ideas and Best Practices Compendium


The purpose of this compendium is to put together social enterprise models and best practices developed in Roma communities. The compendium also provides guidance to those interested in starting or developing successful social enterprises with and for Roma communities, beginning with the strategic thinking and planning stage and continuing with the implementation, monitoring, evaluation and communication. The compendium comprises three main sections: introduction, conclusions and recommendations.

If you are interested in receiving a printed copy of the Compendium, please contact the project team:

For the online version of the Compendium, please visit:


  • Support the establishment of two social enterprises in/for Roma communities (including training, technical assistance and direct financial assistance)


(3) Promoting social economy


  • 3 forums on social economy  


Bucharest – April 2012

Tulcea – July 2012

Timisoara – September 2012


  • 6 regional seminars on social economy  


Cluj – October 2011

Calarasi – November 2012

Bacau – March 2013

Targu Mureș - May 2013

Drobeta Turnu Severin – July 2013

Oradea – September 2013


  • Promotional campaign (print media and outdoor) – timeframe: November 2012 – September 2013




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